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we are problem solvers and goal achievers who love what we do.

Julius Caamic is a custom web design and development consultant helping small and medium-sized companies build their websites.

Julius also co-founded startup businesses from different markets such as learning sports, vacation rentals, and group buying.

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how we work

productivity, focus, and discipline are our greatest strengths that make us worthy with our clients.

mentally and physically fit.

Before we start the day, we make sure that we are both physically and mentally ready to begin the work. 

So it's important that we put a non-negotiable time to meditate, eat the right food and exercises. 

This gives us the energy to produce more high-quality work at the end of the day. 

get more done.

We use a Pomodoro technique to help us be more focused, productive and accomplish more task. So, we choose a task that we'd like to get done and work on it for 45 minutes less distraction pure work and take a short break to normalize the brain for the next task.

continuously improve every day.

Goal setting is one of the keys to our success that's why it's so important that we track our progress, collaborate, learn from our mistakes and progress. This is where journaling and asana project management tool comes in to help us see a clear view of the small steps required for finishing a project.

what we do.

growth-driven website design & development

The growth-driven approach is a low-risk and strategic way to design your website. Whereas traditional website design projects are an all-in bet that requires a large up-front investment, it is an iterative process of analysis, learning, and improvement that spreads out your investment over time.

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